Part 9 of the Ride to Victory Translation Project is now up!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Ride to Victory!! is a Cardfight simulator released on the Nintendo 3DS on April 11, 2013. At the time of this writing, there is no announced western release. While there is still ample time for a publisher to pick it up, Cardfight Pro will be providing a full translation for the game’s core story, which will double as a walkthrough on certain game mechanics and fights. Initially, mission fights and side events will not be covered.

Acknowledgments: In addition to my own efforts, this guide was made possible by the information gathered and generously provided by Matibari, Miwawan, Miwawan’s sister and Twotaileddemon, as well as the gameplay videos recorded by Kuropon and others.

I will be including the original honorifics in this translation. My policy as the translator in this project is that because you are unlikely to see them in the official product, this other translation will be your only opportunity to see them in action within the game, and there may be something to take away from that. Since almost every westerner that’s read a manga after 2002 is familiar with them, there shouldn’t be any problems with readability. Pronoun-wise, the real English game script would probably substitute he/she based on the player’s choice of character, but my translation will assume a female main character.

Part 1: Card Capital & Morikawa

Part 2: Hitsue Middleschool & Izaki

Part 3: Shop Tournament Round 1

Part 4: Shop Tournament Round 2

Part 5: Shop Tournament Semifinals

Part 6: Shop Tournament Finals

Part 7: Nagisa

Part 8: Gouki

Part 9: Regional Tournament Round 1

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