Confirmed: EN BT03=JP BT06

 I said I wouldn’t work on my birthday but this is a little too big for that…

In what initially resembled a hoax, recently it was alleged in a forum post that Bushiroad had responded to an email confirming that the card list of the English-language booster set 3 would be identical to the Japanese-language booster set 6. This was confirmed by a French store which stocks the game, Parkage, who were aware of the plan as early as three months ago.

This means skipping ahead past key cards for every existing clan, the entire Pale Moon, Bermuda Triangle and Shadow Paladin clans, as well as the Kamui and Misaki trial decks. Although the subject has yet to be approached in an official capacity at the time of this article’s writing, the current speculation is that boosters 3-5 and extra boosters 1-2 will be released in alternating sets between the new boosters.

The news has been corroborated on Gamers’ Haven, which is selling English trial decks—TD03EN and 04EN correspond to Slash of Silver Wolf and Resonance of Thunder Dragon.

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