"somebody’s knocking at the door which knife do I grab which quilt do I hide under"

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i can’t believe i came to class one of them was canceled so i’m spending more time on the bus than in class orz

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have to walk to the stop uuuu

it’s snowing in april

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bt14 just got an english release date what

What is the Black Ring of Leamington Spa? Mysterious object pictured

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disney magical world came out three days ago

i cant buy it because of maguses and commitments ( / \)

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are you kidding me fifth element?? no you use that with dantalian make 90k rearguards goodbye
idk reiji's a 10k that's risky in this format
run everything with dantalian that isn't amon
maybe run damage inducers just to make sure you can use LB and play dantalian as a bonus
br isn't really necessary with this just do it if you can

Echo of Nemesis



エコー・オブ・ネメシス Echo of Nemesis
"AND THIS, AND THIS, AND THIS, AND THIS! Everything left is mine, mine, mine!"
Grade 3 / Dark Zone - Dark Irregulars - Demon
Power 11000
Shield N/A
Auto (Vanguard Circle) (Limit Break 4) (Usable only if you have 4 or more Damage in your Damage): When this Unit attacks, if you have 10 or more Cards in your Soul, during this battle, this Unit gains 10000 Power and your opponent cannot Call Grade 1 or higher Units from their hand to the Guardian Circle.
Activate (Vanguard Circle): [Soul Blast 1 Grade 0 Card] Soul Charge 2 Cards, but this ability cannot be activated again this turn.

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one game short of making top 4 tonight. 13-4 overall if i’m counting right, i think i know what to focus on. crescent magus’ skill is compulsory and can leave me in lots of bad places by exposing things when i don’t want them to, or making me use rearguards first when it would be better to attack with the vanguard, and she’s just too late game and situational in general. i need to up the grade 3 count by a card and use more ripis, cut crescent for maybe milk or lemonade. immediate aggression is what the deck needs so that it actually has a turn 1 and turn 2 to get to the point where lulu reinforces a strong lead.

first i have to get through the last week of classes ‘_’

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it's not a real stop yet tho pls add the numbers to it
i don’t know who put this here but it’s very useful so thank you
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and a honhonhon for good measure
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I just want the CFV games to be localized

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